Why Toxins Make You Fat


Did you know your body stores toxins which is a poisonous substances produced by living cells or organisms, in your fat cells.  If you are dieting, your body will slowly lose fat, so that the toxins will have nowhere to go but back into your system, making you feel tired, headachy and generally unwell. This is why most people feel so rotten and tired within a few days of starting a diet.  Your body then quickly decided it doesn’t like feeling this way, so it holds on to fat in order to store the toxins (it’s safer for toxins to be in fat cells, rather than floating around your body).

So if you are toxic, you’re always going to find it hard to lose weight. Yes, you will slowly drop pounds if you exercise enough and eat very little, but it will be  a long hard process, and one slip-up will see you a pound or two heavier on the scales (your body will grab any chance it gets to cling to fat)  You will feel so miserable, deprived, tired all the time and you will go to bed early dreaming of chocolate bars every night. Then once you have lost weight, the real battle will begin as you try in vain to keep it off because the toxins will have turned your body into a fat-storing machine.  Most people give up by this stage and just assume that they are meant to be fat – that their body is just “designed in this way”.

The harder the fat, the more toxic it is, and the more difficult it is to remove. Middle aged men with solid, hard beer bellies are carrying around a seriously toxic body. The softer the fat the better it is generally as it will be easier to remove. Hard fat can lead to some serious health problems like diabetes, heart attack. coronary heart disease and cancer. If you are very overweight the body doesn’t digest or retain nutrients properly. A high-calorie diet may also be lacking vitamins and minerals required by the body to function properly. Overweight people are often hungry all the time, but do not realise that it is not for food, but for water, vitamins and minerals. A well-nourished body doesn’t feel hungry, but satisfied and you do not have the craving for something sweet after. Clean and lean food fills you up in a way that toxic food never can. Chewing your food properly also helps you to stay nourished for longer because it releases the nutrients from your food.

So to simply summarise – it is toxins that are stopping you from losing weight. You need to clear out your excretory system, which is responsible for removing toxic waste from your body.  So if you want to clean up your diet start by cutting out the CRAP in your diet. C= Caffeine R= Refined sugar A=Alcohol P= Processed food. Stop eating and drinking toxins.


Eat foods in their natural state that are fresh and contain fewer than 5 or 6 ingredients. Sugars must not be listed in the first 3 ingredients. Don’t eat foods that make you feel bloated, gassy or uncomfortable. Drink 1.5 -2 litres p of filtered water daily to help your liver and kidneys function properly. Also be aware of what you use on your skin and put in your bath, as toxins can be taking in through the skin too.

Drink organic caffeine free tea or coffee – maximum of 2 cups a day.  If you really need an alcoholic drink, try grey goose vodka (it’s the least processed) and soda or red wine. Remember cutting back on alcohol will give you such speedy weight loss.

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