What is Reflexology?

Sara Reiki

feet-150541_640Reflexology is a natural, holistic, complementary therapy, which can help to restore balance and relax the body and mind.  It is based on the idea that each part of the body has a link or connection with a corresponding area (or Reflex) on the feet and hands. By working on the feet or hands, Reflexologists aim to find and disperse any areas of congestion, thus reducing pain, stress levels and promoting relaxation and optimum health by encouraging the body to heal itself.Reflexology is a complementary therapy. It should never take the place of the treatment or advice you get from your GP, therapist, physiotherapist or other caregiver; instead it can be used alongside your normal treatments to help you feel even better. Reflexology is not a cure for any disease or illness but it can help people to feel better, feel less pain and more in control of their lives. Even a healthy person can benefit from Reflexology as it is thought that it helps not only to re-balance but to maintain the balance and good health you have already achieved. Reflexology is a holistic therapy.  This means that you are treated as a whole person, taking into account your physical and emotional health.  It is never used just to try to mask your symptoms. What are the health benefits of Reflexology? Everybody is unique, and will respond differently to their Reflexology treatments.  However, with regular treatments Reflexology can offer some fantastic benefits to your general health.

  • Super relaxing
  • Reduces emotional and physical stress
  • Aids restful sleep
  • Improves circulation
  • Re-balances hormones
  • Aids digestion
  • Helps to flush out toxins
  • Reduces tension, aches and pains
  • Relieves stiff and aching joints and muscles
  • Restores positive energy flow
  • Helps to normalise blood pressure
  • Encourages the body to heal itself
  • Strengthens and supports the immune system
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system

As well as all this, what you also get from Reflexology is a deep sense of wellbeing, a feeling of calm and control.  It lifts your mood and you feel better able to cope in times of stress.  It gives you a “walking on air” feeling that benefits not just you, but those around you too. Reflexology has something to offer everybody.  What will you gain when you try it? At SK-Life Fitness you can relax in the healing room and book Twinkle Toes  for whatever reflexologist treatment you personally require. Twinkle Toes also  specialises in fertility, maternity, baby and vertical reflex treatments. To book an appointment please contact us.