Stay Hydrated at all times


bottle-666973_640Summer is finally here, and with the hot weather, some of you will be finding that you are not only feeling very warm, but that your thermoregulater is working hard to keep you hydrated. We’ve all heard the rule that we should consume eight to ten glasses of water per day, but how many of us actually do? Water is vital to proper body function – it makes up 70 percent of our body composition! Follow these tips from SK-Life Fitness to avoid suffering from dehydration during your next workout and the Summer months. Exercise causes the core body temperature to increase, and we sweat to help regulate our body temperature. Dehydration occurs when body temperature remains elevated and the body is unable to cool-off. This can cause dizziness, muscle fatigue, headaches and muscle cramps, among other symptoms. Questions to consider

  • How can you tell if your body is well hydrated?

If your urine is pale, and you need to go to the toilet at least six times a day, you are drinking enough fluid

  • If you are an early morning exerciser, keep in mind that your body is already in a somewhat dehydrated state when you wake up. Make sure you drink at least one large glass of water before you begin your workout.


  • For a moderate hour-long workout, you should consume a pint and half of water for one hour of exercise. If your taste buds need a change of pace every so often, seek out low-calorie sports drink or sugar-free flavored water options, or maybe add a slice of lemon or lime to your water bottle.


  • If you exercise for longer than 60 minutes at a high intensity, or you workout in extreme conditions, consider using a sports drink during and after your workout to replenish your body with the fluid, nutrients and electrolytes it requires.  Consider drinking coconut water, which contains more potassium than 3 bananas. There is a true science behind fluid replacement during exercise and sports drinks are formulated to meet the needs of athletes.


  • Beware of energy drinks. Popular energy drinks are very different from sports drinks. They are full of caffeine and sugar, and can be dehydrating instead of thirst quenching.


  • If you feel hungry at unexpected times – you could be de-hydrated as your body gets confused with hunger and thirst.
  • If you sit at the desk in an office, take a large bottle of still water and put it on your desk and drink the whole lot before the end of the day!
  • If you are driving the kids around constantly over the Summer holidays, then make sure you always have a bottle of water in the car.
Keeping your body hydrated at all times also helps with your metabolism, and keeps your kidney and liver functioning properly, so be careful of how much alcohol you drink in the warm weather. Add ice to rose wine, or soda to make a spritzer.