Rest Base HIIT Training


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You want to get fit for 2015 and become healthier? January is traditionally the time when most people start to think about joining a gym, getting a Personal Trainer and starting a diet. While the likes of Zumba, spinning and boot camp are tried and trusted ways to get fit, trying something new is always more exciting and can inspire us to keep moving towards our fitness goals. The most important  thing is to find some form of exercise that you enjoy, and then it is more likely you will stick to it.  If you prefer to get guaranteed results and have the appointment in the diary then maybe consider going down the Personal Trainer route. If you like to be with people and enjoy group exercise then join a gym or find a friend to share the cost of the training with. However, I want you to understand that if you want to lose weight and unlock your fat cells, you need to be doing Rest Base High Intensity Interval Training for a shorter period of time then running for hours at the same pace or keeping your heart rate at the same level on machines in the gym. Here are 4 new fitness trends to explore in 2015, that will really help you unlock fat cells, change your shape and help you distress. Bodyweight exercise According to a survey conducted by the American college of sports and medicine, top of the list of fitness trends for 2015 is bodyweight exercise. This form of exercise involves using nothing but the weight of your own body to tone up and build muscle. Exercises like squatspush-upsdips and crunches work different muscles, strengthen your core and firm up your body. All without the need for any equipment, making it a cost-effective, take-anywhere exercise. Tip: To avoid injury and get the best results from bodyweight exercises, consult a personal trainer who can show you how to execute these exercises correctly and work out a routine to suit you. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) In today’s fast-paced world, time is always at a premium and many people say that they don’t have time to spend hours at a gym working out. This is where high intensity interval training (HIIT) comes in. HIIT involves alternating brief bursts of intensive activity with slower-paced recovery periods. For example, take 3 exercises like skipping or star jumps deep squats with bicep curls, lunges with shoulder press, using weights and on a scale of 1-10 you “push till you can and stop when you can’t” approach.  You then rest and go again repeating all exercise 2-3 times.  Then you can choose another 3 exercises.  This is Called Rest Base HIIT training and is very effective in Hormone Rebalancing and unlocking fat cells and keeping your cortisol levels lower so you do not stress the body but get great training and weight loss results. Tip: As HIIT involves pushing your physical limits it may not be suitable for everyone. Please consult your doctor before trying it out. Treadmill training You may feel that using a treadmill is nothing new and you’d be absolutely right. We’ve all pounded one of these at some point and most will admit that it gets boring pretty fast. Treadmill training is a new approach where you use the treadmill also using Rest Base HIIT training by sprinting for 1 minute with 2 minutes of walking in between for 15-20 minutes is an ideal HIIT workout. Studies have shown that interval training burns fat, boosts metabolism, increases strength/stamina and improves cardiovascular fitness. Tip: Go digital in 2015! Wearable fitness trackers and fitness apps are going to be huge this year. Get tech-savvy and see the benefits of fitness tracking today. Yoga Yes, yoga has been around since the dawn of time but it is still a tried and trusted favourite amongst fitness enthusiasts. Its versatility, wide appeal and ability to keep re-inventing itself means yoga will always be popular in some shape or form. Yoga can be done by people of any age and level of fitness. It not only improves your physical body, but your well-being too. Last year ‘hot’ yoga had everybody in a lather, this year, aerial yoga (where you literally ‘hang out’) is the upcoming new fitness trend. Are you brave enough to try it? Tip: Exercising outdoors is enormously beneficial and is preferable to being cooped up in a sweaty gym. Try fitness al fresco for the added benefits of fresh air and sunlight.