Reflections of 2013


woman-801712_640As we all start to think about the new year ahead, we also reflect on the year just gone by, as for some 2013 was not a very good one! I think the would “reflection” sums it all  up. The Queen reflected on prominent events from the past year during her Christmas broadcast – from the service that marked the 60th anniversary of her coronation to the birth of Prince George her first great-grandchild. She also made a valid point that in today’s life “With so many distractions, it is easy to forget to pause and take stock”, and  that “We all need to get the balance right between action and reflection.” I certainly have been reflecting on 2013 as it was an incredibly busy year for me, business was very successful and I was working all hours given.  I was also project managing an extension which was exciting but stressful and I was enjoying giving reiki healing, blogging on health and fitness and posting pictures of my clean eating. However unfortunately in October I was taken ill with Ulcerative colitis, and my world had to stop. I was not allowed to exercise (my passion) and I had to slow down and take it easy while I allowed myself to heal. On reflection I was overdoing it, and was stressed because I was simply “doing too much”. I certainly was not meditating and reiki healing myself, which helps with the fast pace of live we all live today.  I had become “Stressed” something that I notice everyday in clients but never thought I would succumb to. Stress is horrible and can trigger all sorts of problems, but the way I see it is that I was given this illness to make me understand more about IBS and to enable me to study and learn about inflammation of the gut, and how I can now help clients that are suffering too. So you see something good has to come out of something bad; we must all reflect and realise that we are not super human.  We need to take time for ourselves and get a balance in life. We certainly must not be rushing around like headless chickens and  then complaining there is not enough time in the day.  Fitness and health is so important and I am truly grateful that I am on the mend and can start 2014, positive happy and less stressed! – I never stopped learning and still continue to. I am now beginning to get back into my fitness which puts a smile on my face! So to ALL of you who are reading this right now, I want to THANK YOU for being a part of it with me, for following me on twitterfacebook and reading by blogs. I am particularly looking forward to the  Commonwealth Games being staged in Glasgow next year, and helping my clients achieve their much desired goals.  But in order for me to do this, they have to be willing to help themselves, as I realised that I only have myself to blame for overdoing it and becoming ill. Take 100% responsibility for everything. Your thoughts, your actions, your outcomes, and even the actions and outcomes of others. Not in a way that we try to control others, but in a way that allows us to TAKE ACTION in any situation. If we end up in a situation that is technically someone else’s “fault,” if we want to feel powerful in the world and make things happen for ourselves, we need to take responsibility for changing the situation–even if we are not to blame. You always have 100% control over your attitude. You can’t control outcomes, but you can control what you do and how you do it. It takes the exact same amount of energy to be negative (and I think actually MORE energy in the long run) than to simply find the bright spots in any situation.  A deep sense of positivity and wellbeing come about when we give others (and ourselves) the benefit of the doubt, do not give yourself a hard time and find a lesson in every struggle. If you adopt the mindset that every mistake, and struggle leads to a stronger, smarter, more resilient you, how can you deny yourself that opportunity? On a day to day level many of us are not as organised as we like to be, and feel stressed about work, and out of control with the house, kids, shopping, cooking or cleaning and this scares us. We all think that if we just try harder we can guarantee that things will work out a certain way, and yet, we know on an intellectual level that there are no guarantees, but we need to interact with people and take action without having expectations for how they need to turn out? And there’s power in knowing and TRUSTING that you can handle whatever happens–whatever outcome occurs. A “possibility mindset” is ultimately one of effort, one of positivity and one of deep satisfaction but we have to be open to it. By doing the opposite and trying to stay in our safe world of bad habits and bad lifestyle, we are taking the biggest risk of all, which is never trying for something more. I wish you love, happiness, health and success in all you want to achieve in 2014 and believe in yourself, manifest what you want to achieve and go and achieve it. “IF YOU FAIL TO PREPARE –  PREPARE TO FAIL” Sara xxxxx