Health Screening

Body Composition: SK- Life Fitness will test this primary factor to establish each individualā€™s total health and fitness. Your body is comprised of two major components: lean mass and fat tissue. Lean body mass represents the weight of bones, muscles, organs and connective tissue. Fat tissue is necessary for protection, thermoregulation, insulation and the transfer of fat-soluble vitamins. As an indicator of health and fitness, your body weight is not as important as your percentage of fat.

Cardiovascular Fitness:

SK- Life Fitness evaluates your aerobic capacity. This measurement represents the maximal rate at which your body can supply energy for heavy exercise by utilising oxygen. You will be given an aerobic prescription which is a progressive routine designed specifically for you based upon your sub-max test. It will give you a week-by-week programme to follow that includes vital improvement and maintenance phases.

Strength & Flexibility: SK- Life Fitness tests your muscular strength and endurance by performing abdominal crunches and push-ups for one minute. These will each indicate the muscular endurance of those specific muscle groups. Then using a sit and reach method SKS Life will evaluate your lower back and hamstring flexibility

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