Insulin and Cortisol

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IMG_36052 Key Hormones which commonly affect clients – Insulin and Cortisol

Are these 2 key hormones – Insulin & Cortisol – affecting you and stopping you from losing weight?

Would you know if they were?

Do you struggles to lose weight (fat) from certain areas of your body?

Do you hear yourself saying ‘Why is it that whenever I put a bit of weight on it always seems to go on my waist, stomach (or back or upper arms)?”

Do you want to know how to reduce the ‘belly fat’ or trim your waistline?


Well if you do, there is a very high possibility the reason why you are struggling in these areas is because your Insulin and Cortisol levels are out of balance.

You see there are a number of hormones, which will negatively affect the way in which the body stores and holds onto fat.  Even when the person exercises frequently and eats a ‘healthy diet’ they still struggle in certain areas.

Insulin is what’s referred to as the ‘storing and locking’ hormone.  When it strips out the glucose in the blood it will store it in the muscle tissues but excess amounts will be locked away in the fat cells.  Now it’s much harder to break it down.

Insulin is released in amounts relative to the amount of glucose in the blood.  So the higher the glucose level, the more Insulin produced.  The downside is that once Insulin has done its job, blood glucose levels drop and now the body responds with different hormones being released to get the levels back up.  And so on and so on.

This constant up and down process is now causing an imbalance and as a consequence the person is struggling to shift the excess weight from certain areas no matter what they do.

Having imbalanced hormones and not training in the correct way, can also reduce the ability to lay down lean muscle tissue.  It’s not just about the diet, although it does play a huge role in body transformations.  If you can trigger the release of more human growth hormone and testosterone then this will help with muscle tissue development.

The good news is that I can help you regain the balance through the different foods you eat (and we are not just talking about the ‘naughty foods’) and the way in which you exercise.  Sometimes it’s as simple as adjusting the types of fruits a person eats, or the amount of carbohydrates and proteins consumed.  The key thing is you need to re-set the thermostat so to speak, then the results will come.

I can help you achieve your goals with “The Hormone Rebalancing Programme”, which goes into detail on hormones.  I will screen you with a series of questions to find out which hormones are being affected, and set you an easy to follow Healthy Eating Plan specific to your hormone imbalance.

Here’s what one of my clients who has used this programme had to say:

“I can’t believe the difference in my body shape, I have lost 3 inches from my waist and my tummy is so much flatter. My skin tone is not as dimpled and I have so much more energy. I now understand it is fat loss as before I always lost fluid and muscle and the weight never stayed off”  Vicki F (Cuffley)


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So why not book your FREE hormone screening today.

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