Hypnotherapy helps weight loss

Sara Reiki

sleep-835468_640Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight If you are struggling to lose weight and really don’t have the willpower on you own, then you might want to try the something a bit different – Hypnotherapy. As reported by the Daily Mail Online last week, hypnotherapy fan Suzi Gibbs described how she lost a stone in a month using through visualisation and listening to a recording while she slept to imagine she was exercising. She has managed to drop from a size 22 to a size 14. If you’d like to give this technique a go, take a look at these tips from leading hypnotherapy expert Victoria Wills   1) Focus on the positive not the negative, making it clear what results you want to see, not what you don’t – “I want to be more toned” instead of “I don’t want to be fat” for example! 2) Enjoy some quiet alone time, practising deep breathing. Imagine yourself on your summer holiday, looking exactly how you would like to look in your bikini. Do this every day, and visualise that the image is real, imagine the sights and sounds of the beach. 3) Set reasonable goals. Work out how many weeks until your holiday and how much weight you can realistically lose before then, without making yourself miserable. 10 pounds a week isn’t reasonable, but one to two pounds a week is and you’ll feel great. For extra motivation, try calculating backwards to see how much you’ll have lost each week, so if it’s 10 pounds in ten weeks, in five weeks you’ll have lost five pounds. 4) Begin as soon as you know your goal, not on Monday after a weekend of burgers and crisps! Eat how you should be eating and begin exercising. 5) Maintain focus by keeping a daily diary of your progress, feelings and moods as well as what you eat and what exercise you do. 6) This is not the cabbage soup diet! Give yourself a relaxed “free meal” at least once a week.   If you are interested in Hypnotherapy then check out my links in sponsored adverts.