Holistic Training Programme

Holistic Training Programme

This programme is perfect for you in you do not want to exercise for the whole hour.

Would you like a combination of exercise and holistic therapy?

Would you like to feel de-stressed, have more energy, and release more happy hormones (endorphins) ?

Would you like to learn to relax more?

This wonderful bespoke package “The Holistic Training Programme” is just for you and its getting fantastic results.

The programme begins with some lifestyle coaching, and empathetic ear or a motivational talk, and then you will be prescribed the right exercise for your lifestyle and fitness goals, be it to rehab an injury, encourage the body to learn to stretch through yoga moves, or achieve a fitness goal.

Sara at SK-Lifefitness is an Exercise to Dance teacher as well as an Advanced Personal Trainer, so she can simply prescribe whatever suits your body and more importantly what you will enjoy and love to do in order to move your body.

You will have the chance of selecting your favourite music too!!!

Then the last section of the programme you will learn the art of relaxation through meditation, and you will lay on a healing bed in warm surroundings whilst Reiki healing is carried out to relax, retune and energise your body ready for the day ahead.

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Here’s to a happier stress-free you!