Great Golf Fitness Tips

Sara FITNESS, Golf Fitness

sunset-787826_640.jpgHere are some great golf fitness exercises to improve your game: Golf fitness exercises are a great way to improve ones performance on the field. Most top golfers have perfect swings, steady balance, and good flexibility. This allows them to make strong powerful drives which in turn allows them to achieve birdies and eagles on a golf course. There are very specific exercises that act on different muscle groups to improve ones game of golf. To be a good golfer, you need to concentrate on power, balance, and flexibility. Power is the strength to drive balls up to 300 yards away. Balance is the stance at which the golfer takes aim on the ball and hits it with the perfect precision. Flexibility is the golfers ability to bend the body to be able to make a perfect swing. Power When it comes to strength, weight lifting is not the only exercise that a golfer needs to do to increase their drives. Here are some exercises that will increase power but do not compromise flexibility.

  • Shoulder Press – everyday, do twenty presses to the ceiling using at least 8 – 10 kilo weight to improve the shoulder strength. This will have tremendous effect on swings. It will also prevent swing injuries.
  • Rotational Medicine Ball  – do the exercise twenty times. The medicine ball of approx 5 kg improves the body’s abs and waist area. Either stand back to back with a partner and pass the ball around to your partner and retrieve it the other side, or rotate with the ball side to side on your own keeping hips to the centre. This makes you less susceptible to fatigue and gives the body more flexibility when swinging.
  • Reverse barbell wrist curls – these curls will train the wrist to be more flexible and less susceptible to sprain when the golfer swings the club. Taking weights in hands lift the wrist upwards.

Flexibility This is one of the most important exercises that contribute to a good round of golf.  Flexibility is very important especially around the arms, waist, shoulders, and hips. Try stretching for ten minutes a day to greatly increase ones flexibility and at the same time increase strength.

  • Chest Opener – Try using a resistance band and holding it in both hands in front of chest – pull open with resistance for 25 times so arms become outstretched. There are many varieties of this exercise that can work around the arms and the legs.
  • Waiste Stretch – with resistance band, taking the band in both hands above the head, pull down one side with resistance until the hand meets the knee and the other hand is straight above the head in line with your ear. Repeat the other side repeatedly until you have completed 20-25 reps and keep hips square and still.
  • Groin Stretch – this exercise improves strength and flexibility in the groin. It flexes the hips, thighs, and groin muscles to accommodate a better stance when swinging. Lie on your back while putting the soles of your feet facing each other. Bend knees down and feel the stretching sensation come down the groin, thigh, and hips.  Check our my Flexibility band workout

Balance A good golf exercise that needs to be mastered is balance. It provides steady stance as the golfer hits the golf ball.

  • BIKING  – One of the best ways to gain good balance is biking. It trains the body to maintain good balance as well as increase the stamina.
  • ONE LEG LIFTS – stand on one leg while lifting dumbbells with one hand and dipping the upper body to a mid-level position while the other leg is raised. Do the exercise repetitively for ten minutes.