The Hormone Rebalancing Cook Book


Hi there, I’ve just published a new book ‘The Hormone Rebalancing Cook Book’ and am so proud to share it with you! It’s available to preview and buy from the link below. I would love it if you had a look and shared it with your circles to help me spread the word. Hope you like it and wishing …

Acid Reflux

Gut Health and Acid Reflux

Sara Health, NUTRITION

Do you suffer from functional digestive complaints, gut health and acid reflux, such as gas and bloating, indigestion, stomach pain, constipation or diarrhea? If so I suggest you read this blog as gastrointestinal disease does not spring from nothing, nor do symptoms develop for no reason. You may have had a formal diagnosis of a gastrointestinal complaint such as Celiac …

The Dangers of Sugar

Sara Health, NUTRITION

The Dangers of Sugar I received an email last week, 20 things you hoped Mum would put in your packed lunch. And oh my, the sticky fingered memories came rushing back. Party Rings and Iced Gems, Wagon Wheels and Capri-Suns, Choc Dips and Frubes. Packed lunch for this eight year old was where a love affair with sugar began, with …

The best 10 Nutrients For The Body

Sara Health, NUTRITION

The Best 10 Nutrients For The Body Healthy eating is central to healthy living. To help you start off the year in the healthiest way, here’s a list of 10 nutrients you should be getting and the foods that provide them. If you are not eating a balanced diet and are stressed or ill then your body could be lacking …

Reflections and Reconciliation of 2014


Reflections and Reconciliation of 2014 As we all start to think about the New Year ahead, we also reflect on the year just gone by. The Queen reflected on prominent events from the past year during her Christmas broadcast – speaking of the sculpture of a man and a woman reaching out to embrace each other in the Coventry Cathedral. The sculptor …

Top 10 stress triggers

Sara Health, NUTRITION

Here are the top 10 stress triggers: 1.  Sugar and excess carbohydrates, including bread, pasta, cookies, and sweets. These spike your blood sugar levels, challenge insulin function, and ultimately lead to weight gain and inflammation. Each time you ingest sugar and/or excess carbohydrates, you are adding stress to your metabolism.

The Midlife Sleep Guide

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you suffer from insomnia? Is your medication preventing sleep? Insomnia can strike at any age, more serious sleep problems can creep in from the forties onwards, thanks to the menopause, stress, and minor ailments. The over sixties report far more trouble sleeping then any other group. 50% struggle either getting to sleep or to …

How Exercise Helps Depression and Anxiety

Sara FITNESS, Health

To promote total well-being we must remind our clients of exercise’s power to improve both physical and mental health. Scientific understanding of mental health disorders is increasing–and exercise is emerging as a potent healing tool. Unlike diseases that manifest physically, mental health disorders afflict the brain and can impact mood, perception, personality and cognitive abilities.

Study Finds No Link between Saturated Fat Intake and Heart Disease Risk

Sara Health, NUTRITION

If you currently limit your intake of butter, full fat dairy produce and meat, and carefully check food labels for the amount of saturated fat they contain, you’re not alone. For decades we have been told by health experts to cut back our intake of saturated fats to reduce our risk of cardiovascular problems and instead choose foods rich in unsaturated fats …

New Year’s Resolution you’ll Want to Keep

Sara Health, NUTRITION

1. Eat breakfast Many people often skip breakfast. Some skip it because they are too rushed in the morning and have little time to prepare it. Some skip it as a measure to control weight. Studies show that people who eat breakfast regularly are more likely to control their weight than those who skip it. Breakfast kicks starts your metabolism …

Commit to Fitting In Fitness

Sara FITNESS, Health

Planning to work out doesn’t count as a workout. Good intentions don’t show up on your body. If you are currently one that lives each day promising yourself you are going to get fit and eat more healthily, but never get round to putting your plans into action. then you need a little tough love, don’t you? You won’t reap …

How To Eat Healthy at University

Sara Health, NUTRITION

To all those sporty fit and healthy young students that have just headed off to University  and have self-catered accommodation – SK-Life Fitness would like to share with you a fantastic cook book by Hamlyn which teaches you simple quick and easy healthy meals to cook.  Also we would like to provide you will a few tips of mini meals …

The Spa – Bedford Lodge Hotel

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Newmarket unveils its first luxury destination spa Open countryside, white picket fences and equestrian walkways welcome visitors to the pretty town of Newmarket, renowned worldwide as the home of horse racing and from July 2013 location of the region’s first luxury destination spa: The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel. Situated adjacent to the town’s stylish Bedford Lodge Hotel, The Spa at Bedford …

Dr Gaye’s Super-Shake

Sara Health, NUTRITION

Created by Food Futurologist, Dr Morgaine Gaye, Dr Gaye’s Super-Shake is a combination of some of the highest potency minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients which are all bio-available (that means, really easy for the body to absorb and use). This combination of high potency, raw ingredients, means just one glass of this, is an elixir for the body! In fact, Dr Gaye’s Super-Shake contains even …

Keep Calm and Canaria On!

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  …say goodbye to Stress on the Indulgent Island of Gran Canaria In need of some peaceful time-out and want to escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life?  With Stress Awareness Month in April, what better time to revive your body and spirits and keep stress in check!  Whisk yourself away to one of Gran Canaria’s luxury spa resorts and enjoy a …

Health Benefits of Herb Sage

Sara Health, NUTRITION

At SK-Life Fitness I love teaching my clients about nutrition and giving them new receipes to inspire them into cooking with clean, lean, fresh ingredients using herbs. Today I bought a new sage plant and so I want to tell you all about the history and health benefits of using this beautiful versatile herb. History of sage Sage was very …


Sara Health, NUTRITION

At SK-Life Fitness I really want my clients to understand the pathology of how cravings develop, in an effort to begin to curb and prevent their cravings. They manifest differently for everyone, from preferential foods to specific tastes or textures and even times of day. Some people grab salty, crunchy options while others crave carbs or fatty foods, while still …

Health benefits of the Power Plate®


SK-Life Fitness are proud to announce that they have now added a Power Plate® machine to their Private Studio offering clients a course of 25 minute 1-1 sessions.  The Power Plate® gives the body’s muscles a high-speed workout by using vibrations to stimulate them to contract and relax. They generally contract once or twice a second, but by standing on …

Free Health Checks at Macdonald Hotels ‘Spa Collection’


Many of us hate January, especially when the weather is cold and snowy.  We all want to start the New Year with good intentions of getting fitter and healthier, but it is much harder to keep motivated and positive at this time of year and we all need a helping hand!  If you live in and around Hertfordshire, SK-Life Fitness …